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Viviana Alvarez

The Miller Group | JMG S.0195713

Hello there!

I'm Viviana, I’m a realtor in Las Vegas and I’d love to help you buy or sell your home!

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About Me

Viviana Is a Realtor in Las Vegas who is passionate about her career. She understands the importance of family and creating generational wealth. She started in real estate with the understanding of how important it is to be a homeowner and the importance of investing in real estate to build lifelong wealth that can be passed on for generations to come. She takes pride in being able to help families and first-time homeowners start their homeownership journey and loves to educate her clients on how real estate can be an asset to help families and individuals in the long run. She is devoted to making sure her clients have a smooth and easy transaction making buying & selling a great experience. Viviana is very detail oriented and makes sure to be attentive during the buying/selling process in every way.

As a proud member of the Miller Group family, Viviana carries the values of hard work, integrity, and outstanding client service into everything she does.

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